Why We Walk/Run

Every story counts. Every story matters. 

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Aaron's Story

"For me, this is my PRIDE event. This is the best way for me to help my community and show support. AIDS Walk & Run Baltimore will forever have a special place in my heart. 

I think it's very important because advances in medication make it easy to be confused. There is an illusion that there is a cure. There is no cure, there is only successful treatment and prevention. It's important to be aware of other STDs and test for those as well. Making testing and treatment accessible and affordable helps decrease the numbers of new infections.

The AIDS Walk & Run Baltimore is fun, it's rewarding, and it's at The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore! When you walk, you'll notice all the people that have come together with the same common goal. They come together as people. Their age, body size, race, gender identity, political and religious views and anything else that divides us are left at home. This walk is reserved for people...together, and on the same mission."






Shawn's Story

"Each year, I hear of people finding out that they are infected with HIV. With testing, PrEP, and treatment as prevention, this could be prevented. I participate in this event every year because I know that preventative measures and stopping the stigma associated with HIV are the keys to stopping the spread of this disease.

There is a significant need in Baltimore for increased awareness of HIV and AIDS testing, especially in the gay community, with gay males representing the majority of new infections. While the number of new cases has decreased over the years, there are so many options available now that these numbers should be much lower. Chase Brexton has programs to help everyone, regardless of their financial situation, to receive testing, treatment, or PrEP and prevent the spread of this disease.

HIV and AIDS has affected the lives of far too many people in Baltimore and beyond. In my mind, each step I take during the AIDS Walk & Run in Baltimore is reflective of one more person helped."




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Amanda's Story

"I am so excited this year to participate in AIDS Walk & Run Baltimore! For the past year I have been working on understanding more about the mission and desire Chase Brexton has to offer health care to everyone.

The aspiration to improve our communities is evident and I am excited to be one more person who supports and stands behind Chase Brexton's mission. 

I am hoping that by hosting a team and sharing it with our local hotels, that together we can unite to spread the message of hope that Chase Brexton works so hard to accomplish."





Command MC's Story

"Chase Brexton is the region's only clinic that caters specifically to the LGBTQ+ community. We have so many friends who have turned to Chase Brexton when medical care elsewhere has gone horribly wrong--we believe in the mission of this organization and like to our money where our mouths are.

Over the last two years, we've given out nearly $10,000 various LGBTQ+ organizations that serve the Baltimore area. HIV & AIDS prevention, treatment education, and access can end the epidemic in our lifetime. 100% all in."


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